Systems of the body and their functions

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Functions of water in the body. Nearly all of the major systems in your body depend on water.

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The circulatory system should be in its best form to supply oxygen to all parts of the body. The blood vessels carry blood containing oxygen to all organs for them to perform their functions. When an organ fail to receive adequate amount of oxygen, it may die and cause serious harm to the human body.

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Dec 19, 2020 · The human heart pumps blood through the circulatory system. In the chest cavity, a number of major organs can be found. The heart pumps blood throughout the body, using the circulatory system as a conduit. The lungs intake air and contribute to the oxygenation of blood. Organ systems carry out the major body functions of most animals. Each organ system consists of several organs and has specific functions. The efforts of all systems must be coordinated for the animal to survive. For instance, nutrients absorbed from the digestive tract are distributed throughout the body by the circulatory system. Functions of Blood System Transport: to and from tissue cells • Nutrients to cells: amino acids, glucose, vitamins, minerals, lipids (as lipoproteins). • Oxygen: by red blood corpuscles (oxyhaemoglobin - 4 x O2 molecules/haemoglobin). • Wastes from cells: urea, CO2 (mainly as HCO3-in solution in the plasma).

When you sleep, your body undergoes a series of changes that enable the rest that is vital to your overall health. Sleep allows the brain and body to slow down and engage in processes of recovery, promoting better physical and mental performance the next day and over the long-term. Another function of the Parliament under the Australian system is to provide from its membership the members of the Executive Government. After a general election the political party (or coalition of parties) with the support of a majority of members in the House of Representatives becomes the governing party and its leader becomes the Prime ... Both groups of lymphocytes serve the body’s immune defence, however, with different functions. Depending on where their final maturation took place, lymphocytes are divided into two major groups: B-lymphocytes and T-lymphocytes. B-lymphocytes mature in the bone marrow, while the maturation of T-lymphocytes takes place in the thymus.