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Hasbro's Power Rangers (2021) Reboot Fancast. Menu. ... The main Power Rangers relationship will be between Tommy and Kimberly, like in the original TV Series. No other Rangers will be in relationships with one another. Bulk and Skull will have minor roles as the Cafe Co-Owners. They will be played by the only and original actors.

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The Power Rangers franchise began in 1993 and now includes numerous TV seasons, movies, comic books, and other tie-ins. This timeline outlines important events from all these forms of media (whether or not these events fit together well). See full list on powerrangersfanon.fandom.com

Power Rangers est un film réalisé par Jonathan Entwistle avec Sarah Bennani. Synopsis : Une nouvelle version de Power Rangers.Power Rangers: First Look Fight Scene Broken Down by Becky G. July 19, 2016. ... Freeform Reveals 2021 Premiere Date; Underground: OWN to Air "Revisiting" Special Hosted by John Legend;