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A) alliteration B) personification C) tone D) rhyme scheme 4. repetition of the same consonant at the beginning of words A) alliteration B) imagery C) simile D) symbol

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Neutral words possess no stylistic connotation and are suitable for any communicative situation. Literary words are used in official, scientific, poetic II. LITERARY (elevated) words "have their upper and lower ranges. The lower range of literary words approaches the neutral layer and has an obvious...Tone is set by the setting, choice of vocabulary and other details. Moodis the general atmosphere created by the author’s words. It is the feeling the reader getsfrom reading those words. It may be the same, or it may change from situation to situation.

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recalls three words (e.g., Cadillac, zebra, and purple) immediately after two rehearsals, and then again five minutes later (five minutes is how long it takes for information to move from short-term to long term memory). If they can't, you can prompt them (e.g., Was the first one a kind of tree, color, or car?

tone and mood words - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. It could be called the author's. emotional-intellectual attitude toward the subject -By choosing certain words rather than others and by weaving their connotations together, an author can give whole...Modifier: a word, phrase, or clause that qualifies or describes another word, phrase, or clause Mood/Atmosphere: the emotional feeling of the setting, something like tone, but specifically related to setting. Motif: a simple device that serves as a basis for an expanded narrative, the motif is a recurring feature in the work