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The GL in MapboxGL is for WebGL (Web Graphics Library). WebGL allows you to draw things onto a 2D/3D canvas in ways not previously possible without third-party For a nice side-by-side comparison, I've produced the exact same map with the exact same data in both leaflet.js and mapbox-gl.js.

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BPMN Events. SysML / Model Elements.

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Mapbox Studio工具是非常强大的在线工具,包含很多的内容,比如设置矢量瓦片资源、修改地图样式等等功能。 这里我们只做矢量瓦片导出其它功能就不做相关介绍。 发布相关步骤:Oct 27, 2018 · This guide takes a deep dive into JavaScript with Mapbox GL JS to build an interactive web map. If you're new to Mapbox GL JS you might want to check out our guide on Mapbox Web applications first. Getting started. For this project, we recommend that you create a local folder called "store-locator" to house your project files.

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